Mystery Peeps Flavors for 2018 Revealed

Our guesses were very, very wrong

Wait, that Peep was Root Beer Float flavored??

Everyone loves a good holiday mystery, especially the fine folks at Peeps. For Easter 2018, as in recent years, Just Born produced a special edition of the iconic marshmallow chicks dusted in white sugar and flavored with mystery flavors for unsuspecting folks to try to identify. During our own guessing game, five Daily Meal staff members sampled the three boxes of Mystery Peeps and tried our best to determine the flavors. And, boy, were we wrong.

After weeks of intrigue, Peeps finally revealed what the elusive flavors really were. Here’s how the real flavors compare to our guesses.

Flavor #1
Our Guess:
Real Flavor: Root Beer Float
It seems with this one we confused the sassafras of root beer floats with the refreshing bite of spearmint. Each of the five tasters felt like this was the most subtly flavored marshmallow with hints of conversation hearts and children’s toothpaste. But, nope, it was ice cream and root beer.

Flavor #2
Our Guess:
Real Flavor: Lemonade
This Peep really did evoke a lemony beverage. While our guesses were soda-based (Sprite and Mountain Dew), lemonade isn’t too far off. We did feel it was missing a fizz, but that’s because it was lemonade and not pop!

Flavor #3
Our Guess: Sour Gummy Worms
Real Flavor: Blue Raspberry
We were, like, half-right with this one. Some sour gummy worms are blue raspberry flavored! We got the mysterious fruity element right, though we felt it was more sour strawberry than blue raspberry. But what is blue raspberry anyway? It could be sour strawberry, now that we think about it…

So, finally, the guessing game is over. Even though we do know the mystery flavors for 2018, there are still quite a few things we don’t know about Peeps.