The New Mystery Oreos Taste Like Fruit Loops and Lemon Perfume

Though we doubt these cookies are actually perfume-flavored

We have some THOUGHTS on these new Oreos.

Oreo has a new flavor out on the shelves, but you don’t know what it is. On Monday, October 9, the cookie brand with dozens of bizarre flavors released its most enticing offering yet: Mystery Crème. Oreo isn’t telling what its new flavor is just yet; they want fans to figure it out. We were lucky enough to snag a bag of these chocolate cookie sandwiches, test them out, and do the guesswork for you. So what were our findings?

We conducted an informal taste test in our office with roughly 10 Daily Meal staffers. And we all agreed that there was a fruity, slightly citrusy, and sugary flavor to the crème. But what was it?

Fruity Pebbles and Fruit Loops were among the most popular answers, according to our millennial-heavy staff who grew up eating these sugary breakfast cereals. Some went a little more highbrow, thinking that the Oreo tasted like lemon marzipan, though that seems a bit obscure for a mass-produced cookie. Others thought that Oreo tapped in to “drugstore lemon perfume.” But the most on-the-nose guess? Skittles. Yes, this Oreo crème reminded one staffer of this favorite candy and another of the mid-2000s Skittles Gum.

From now through November 30, you too can and solve the Oreo mystery and submit your flavor guesses for a chance to win $50,000. Those who correctly guess the flavor will be entered in to a contest. And who knows? Maybe the winning flavor will be added to the list of the craziest Oreo flavors ever.