The Daily Dish: Merry Guac-mas! We’re Finally Getting the Avocado Emoji

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Merry Guac-mas! We’re Finally Getting the Avocado Emoji

The latest emoji update will include the highly anticipated avocado and bacon emojis, as well as fried eggs, pancakes, paella, pickles, flatbread, peanuts, egg salad, carrots, a croissant, and a baguette. Now you’ll finally be able to text friends about boozy brunch (no mimosa emoji yet, unfortunately) without having to resort to hieroglyphic gymnastics to get your point across. Unicode is adding these food emojis (which also conveniently come with a chef figurine and a smiley face that’s drooling at the mouth) to the 10.2 iOS update, coming out this week. The next round of food emojis, coming with the 10.3 iOS update, will include pie, a pretzel, chips and dip, a sandwich, and a salt shaker.



Restaurant Customer Mocked for Taking Offense to Christmas Music Playing

Tis the spirit of the season… but not so much for one holiday humbug. Chef Michael Lugo, the executive chef at Michael’s Tasting Room in St. Augustine, Florida, posted on social media a note from a customer who took offense to the restaurant playing Christmas music. The note has since gained traction on Facebook with many angry comments from the “War on Christmas” crowd. Lugo told First Coast News that despite this being the second complaint he has gotten over the past two weeks, he doesn’t plan to budge from his celebratory soundtrack. Lugo said that even though he’s Christian, playing Christmas music is not about religious beliefs or pushing an agenda. “I think that Christmas is Christmas."



‘Saturday Night Live’ Star Fred Armisen Wrote Two Songs About KFC

The newest voice of KFC’s Colonel Sanders comes from Saturday Night Live and Portlandia alum Fred Armisen, who wrote and performed two jingles for KFC’s Nashville Hot Chicken, both of which were recorded on the A and B sides of a 12-inch record. The records will be distributed for free at record stores, so you can jam out to some bluesy, chicken-fried ditties while (presumably) snacking on KFC’s Nashville Hot Chicken. If you’re curious about the finger-lickin’ tracks, but not curious enough to track down the record yourself, you can listen to a recording of each song on the website


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FYI’s ‘Farming Detroit’ Documentary Highlights the Urban Farming Revolution

Urban farming is more than a trend, it’s a way to grow and produce locally while benefiting communities and their residents. On Saturday, Dec. 10, FYI premiered the documentary Farming Detroit, which follows the rise of urban agriculture and its impact on the city. There are 30,000 acres of distressed land that residents are reclaiming in Detroit for gardening purposes, with an estimated 1,500 to 2,000 gardens in the city, according to the documentary. The documentary follows the stories of six pioneers who are utilizing these spaces to fuel the urban farming revolution, including Kate Daughdrill’s Burnside Farms, Buckets of Rain, and Michigan Urban Farming Initiative.


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Metro-North Suspends Beer and Alcohol Carts at Grand Central Terminal


Metro-North will no longer sell beer and alcohol on the platforms at Grand Central Terminal until further notice due to an investigation into missing funds. As of Dec. 7, 18 commissary carts and two commissary counters are out of service, according to The Journal News. The investigation was prompted when a vendor alerted the transit company to missing money from a November audit. While the investigation continues, three Metro-North employees have been put on leave. No criminal charges have been filed.