Merry Guac-Mas! We're Finally Getting The Avocado Emoji

It's almost 2017, and we may have our own personal chef robots, but we still don't have essential food emojis. All of that is about to change in the latest emoji update, which will include the highly anticipated avocado and bacon emojis, as well as fried eggs, pancakes, paella, pickles, flatbread, peanuts, egg salad, carrots, a croissant, and a baguette.

Now you'll finally be able to text friends about boozy brunch (no mimosa emoji yet, unfortunately) without having to resort to hieroglyphic gymnastics to get your point across.

Unicode is adding these food emojis (which also conveniently come with a chef figurine and a smiley face that's drooling at the mouth — probably at the prospect of more avocado toast) to the iOS 10.2 update, coming out this week.

The next round of food emojis, coming with the 10.3 iOS update, will include pie, a pretzel, chips and dip, a sandwich, and a salt shaker.