# croissant

This juicy sandwich is drizzled with maple glaze and served on a croissant bun
Stuff your ordinary croissant with fillings like ham and cheese, Nutella, and pesto
The Internet is divided over the sushi-filled croissant
A shortage of milk and butter means there aren’t enough Christmas pastries to go around
Taco Bell is debuting a few new breakfast items this spring, including an egg taco shell and a burrito-croissant hybrid
U.K. retailer Tesco bows to pressure to ‘straighten’ croissants in response to shifting customer preferences
Croissant allows customers to reserve a spot at their local coffee shop, and then get charged automatically for time spent there
The croissant loaf at Beurrage in Chicago is exactly what it sounds like: an entire loaf of flakey, buttery goodness