‘Saturday Night Live’ Star Fred Armisen Wrote Two Songs About KFC

Armisen penned two songs to promote KFC’s Nashville Hot Chicken and released it in the form of a record

We always knew KFC’s chicken needed a soundtrack.

The newest voice of KFC’s Colonel Sanders comes from Saturday Night Live and Portlandia alum Fred Armisen, who wrote and performed two jingles for KFC’s Nashville Hot Chicken, both of which were recorded on the A and B sides of a 12-inch record.

The records will be distributed for free at record stores, so you can jam out to some bluesy, chicken-fried ditties while (presumably) snacking on KFC’s Nashville Hot Chicken.

As the KFC website says:

“A tremendously limited-edition lathe-cut vinyl record has been hidden in select record stores across these fine United States. Could you be one of the lucky guys or gals who gets to add this special album to their audio library? View the map below and be the envy of everyone in the world who does not have this magnificent record.”


If you’re curious about the finger-lickin’ tracks, but not curious enough to track down the record yourself, you can listen to a recording of each song on the website.