The Best Pie in Every State

Grab a fork and dig in to the most perfect pies in America

Mmm…pie. No matter how you slice it, America is obsessed with pie. Nearly all U.S. states have their own iconic pies, and eight states either list pie as the official state dessert or have an official state pie. And no matter where you live, a great piece of pie is never too far away.

The Best Pie in Every State Gallery

Choosing the best pies in the U.S. is a challenge. Drawing upon The Daily Meal’s editorial team, contributors, and food bloggers, and social media, we created a list of 255 establishments, which included bakeries, restaurants, hotels, food trucks, farm stands, truck stops, and grocery stores, with each state having a handful of finalists. Contenders did not have to have a brick-and-mortar storefront to be considered; companies that sell pies online and ship nationwide were considered.

After spending months eating slices of pies and forging through sugar rushes, we whittled down the list to one establishment per state, plus the District of Columbia.

We judged the establishments and their pies on these criteria: freshness, flavor, texture, mouthfeel, presentation, noteworthy or unique ingredients, innovative flavor combinations, and fidelity to tradition and/or innovative excellence.


Our list includes 36-plus distinct pie flavors, from the traditional apple and cherry to the unique The Baltimore Bomb from Dangerously Delicious Pies in Baltimore and Drunken Turtle at Pie Junkie in Oklahoma City. It’s no surprise the most popular pie on the list is apple or a variant of apple, with 10 establishments baking the best version in their states. Whether you like your pie plain, with a slice of cheddar cheese, or à la mode, any way you slice it, these are the absolute best pies in each state.