10. Taco Surf Taco Shop, San Diego, Calif. from The Best Burritos in America

The Best Burritos in America


10. Taco Surf Taco Shop, San Diego, Calif.

Yelp.com/Jason B.

The smell will draw you off the beach and into this uniquely Southern California taqueria. Though there are more than 15 burrito filling options, opt for the carne asada. The top sirloin is cooked to order and never sits around, creating an extremely fresh burrito of warm beef juices.

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9. La Pasadita, Chicago


A no-nonsense taqueria with a limited menu, La Pasadita makes its presence known with a screaming-yellow exterior. Meat options are plentiful, ranging from chicken to beef tongue, but vegetarians are sadly out of luck. The burrito comes loaded with cheese, sour cream, lettuce, tomato, guacamole, onions, cilantro, and rice — it is a behemoth, straddling its plate like an elephant trying to ride a circus tricycle.

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8. The Chile Pepper, Yuma, Ariz.

The Chile Pepper

At The Chile Pepper, it is not about the girth of the burrito or all the extras but the exquisite execution of simplicity. Locals rave over the simplest of burritos here — bean and cheese — where the fresh tortillas and hot sauce make it go from simple to excellent.

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7. Bell Street Burritos, Atlanta

Bell Street Burritos

At this Atlanta burrito mecca started by a former theology professor, you're given the choice to build your burrito however you please. Stay classic and choose one meat with your pinto beans, jack cheese, rice, and salsa fresca or be bold and try combinations such as steak and shrimp and top it off with broccoli and potatoes.

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6. Habanero's Grill, San Antonio


Skip the other burrito joints in San Antonio and make your way here for a real treat. You can make the tough decision yourself and build your own burrito from the ground up or leave yourself in the hands of the chef and choose from one of six burrito favorites with names like "Cheezy Beef" (white queso, cheddar and jack cheeses) and "Gringo-Rito" (featuring a ranch-like proprietary dressing).

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5. Changos Taqueria, Austin, Texas


Located near University of Texas at Austin, the aroma of homemade tortillas hits you like a suplex from a luchador when you walk in the door, reinforced by the fact that you can actually see people making the masa rounds. Take that fresh tortilla and turn it into either a Super (bean) or Maximo (meat or guacamole) burrito and you have a great meal for a cheap college student budget.

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4. Zaragoza, New York City


From the outside, you'd never guess that this diminutive East Village storefront was anything other than a typical New York City bodega, but cross the threshold and you'll find some of the best Mexican food in the city. Zaragoza's burrito comes on a plate smothered in three sauces, mimicking the Mexican flag. Dig in with a knife and fork, which may sound sacrilegious to some, but here is so, so right.

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3. La Taqueria, San Francisco


This Mission neighborhood institution is a regular stop for food lovers in a city already famous for its Mexican offerings. Either keep it simple and just stick with meat and beans — no rice filler in the burrito here — or upgrade it with all the classic burrito extras and watch your pants tighten with each bite.

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2. Gordo, Albany, Calif.

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A Bay Area institution with six locations, locals swear that the one in Albany is tops. The wonderfully juicy burrito is filled right in front of you as you look into their open kitchen with vats of fillings cooking away. If you can keep your burrito from spilling forth its contents, you'll not only have accomplished more than most Gordo diners, you'll knocking at the gates of burrito heaven.

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1. La Azteca Tortilleria, Los Angeles


Raved about by famished travelers and locals alike, the chile relleno burrito at La Azteca Tortilleria is a thing of beauty. They offer other options like carnitas and carne asada, but the cheese-stuffed, perfectly fried chile relleno that makes up the bulk of this burrito is what sets it apart, elevating the humble poblano to heights of Mexican food greatness.

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