Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds: 10 Wonderful Wine Cocktails Slideshow

Lighten up your cocktails for spring with — why not? — a shot or two of good wine

Apple and Pink Julep

Mint and apple pair very well together, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that these two flavors marry happily in a cocktail. The luscious cherry notes in Port wine ties the flavors together for a crisp, sweet, and revitalizing sipper. 

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Blood Orange French 75

You can’t go wrong with the classics, and a French 75 is definitely an iconic choice. Our variation includes blood orange juice for a bright spin. Whether you choose to make this for a fancy brunch or to go along with lunch, this bubbly libation won’t steer you in the wrong direction.

Fruit Wine Margarita

Fruity margaritas are all the rage right now. Get a little inventive and try them with wine. Just choose a fruit, like strawberries, and add your favorite tequila and your choice of fruit wine. Soon, you’ll be enjoying a delicious spin on one of America’s favorite cocktails.

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Jubilee Wine Cocktail

Jubilee Wine Cocktail


The blissful cocktail achieves a wonderful balance between vodka and red wine, with a hint of savory maple syrup. Enjoy this as a refreshing apéritif or digestif.

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Red Splash

This bubbly cocktail should certainly be on your radar this spring. The flavorful cocktail has pinot noir, tequila, agave nectar, and tangy grapefruit soda. It may seem unusual to mix tequila with red wine, but once you’ve tried this hybrid, you’ll become a believer just like we did. 

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Riesling Strawberry Slush

Adult smoothies have become a warm-weather staple. But instead of pumping them full of liquor, go a little lighter with riesling. We often pair strawberries with limes for this recipe, but you can use any fruit you prefer.

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If you like feeling fancy on a budget, this cocktail is perfect for you. The San-green-a has many affordable ingredients, including cucumber, lime, grapes, mint, and seltzer water. This concoction creates the perfect cool fizz for a hot night. 

Click here for the San-green-a recipe.

Seneca Sunset

Whether spring or summer, this flavorful, citrus-filled wine cocktail will surely keep you cool. The Seneca Sunset features ice wine, which is perfectly paired with a bit of gin and Campari  for an ideal nightcap.

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The Stargazer

Dark rum, pineapple juice, and chardonnay? This sultry tipple had us at chardonnay! Mix up this attractive, lightly sweet cocktail on a clear night, perfect for stargazing

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