Best Coffee Shop Chocolate Chip Cookies

They know their coffee, but cookies are a different story
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Coffee Shop Cookies

Kristen Hom

To find out which coffee shop cookies are best, you have to taste them. We did.

Every coffee shop has its own story that sets it apart from the rest. Searching for a warming pumpkin cookie? Head to Starbucks. Feeling the need to indulge in a bite-sized donut hole? Grab a box of “Timbits” from Tim Hortons. No matter what you crave, if you’re visiting a large coffee shop, they probably serve more than coffee.

Best Coffee Shop Chocolate Chip Cookies (Slideshow)

Every coffee shop menu looks a little different. Some offer cakes, while others provide soups and sandwiches. But if the shop carries baked goods, there are sure to be chocolate chip cookies. Each brand has its signature item, but the ability to master the perfect chocolate chip cookie is an art.

To find which coffee shop had the best cookies, we conducted a taste test. First, we narrowed down our search to the biggest, most successful coffee shops. Then, we reached out to all of them, asking if they wanted to be considered. The brands that agreed to participate include Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks, Einstein Bros, and Tim Hortons.

It’s important to know that this taste test was blind, and consisted of nothing more than chocolate chip cookies. This way, it would ensure that bias wasn’t an issue prior to the test.

Which coffee shop serves the best chocolate chip cookies? Here’s the results of our taste test, starting with last place.

#5 Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Coffe Bean & Tea Leaf

Kristen Hom

This cookie looked the most visually pleasing.

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf isn’t recognized for their bakery as much as other chains, which explains why they don’t source all their cookies from the same place. Instead, they buy from nearby bakeries, which vary based on location. Nutrition is difficult to track when the cookies are coming from different places, but according to this calorie counter, just ¼ of a cookie contains 120 calories and six grams of sugar.

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Cookie, Pros

Coffe Bean & Tea Leaf

Kristen Hom

You can't judge a cookie by how it looks.

With its giant chocolate chips and huge size, this cookie looked the most visually pleasing in comparison to the others. In fact, it almost looked perfect. Our tasters approved of the amount of chocolate, claiming it was just right.

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Cookie, Cons

Coffe Bean & Tea Leaf

Kristen Hom

There's both good and bad in every cookie.

You know what they say, looks can be deceiving. Unfortunately, that was the case with this cookie. Each of our tasters expressed disappointment in the texture and toughness of this treat, claiming it was “too crunchy,” or “rock hard.” One taster even called it, “a sad excuse for a cookie.”