10 Cocktails That Won’t Ruin Your Post-Summer Bikini Body

Now all of that hard work won’t go to waste

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These cocktails will keep your summer body looking good.

You worked hard to get that bikini body beach-ready. You’ve probably still got a party or two to attend before the summer ends, and these kinds of events are so much more fun with a cocktail in hand. One too many of those cocktails and you can kiss that bikini body bye-bye!

10 Cocktails That Won’t Ruin Your Post-Summer Bikini Body (Slideshow) 

Alcohol temporarily keeps your body from burning fat, so the more you drink, the less your workout will matter. While you’re drinking, you also have to consider added calories. To help you out, here’s the 411 on your boozing calorie count: The average beer is around 150 calories, while a traditional margarita clocks in at around 168 (a frozen margarita is closer to 300).

Prefer a mixed drink? Vodka has 65 calories an ounce — which isn’t so bad — but keep in mind all the calories and sugar in the juice and mixers you’re adding in. Certain alcohols have more carbohydrates than others, so if you’re a carb watcher, know what to order. Whiskey, gin, rum, and vodka have no carbs, while sweet wine and liquor have more. Regular beer is loaded with carbs, so choose a light variety that is also low in carbohydrates.

Have you lost hope? Are you worried you’ll sip away your hard-earned bikini body without even realizing it? There are a few tricks to making your cocktail “healthier.”

For starters, swap out simple syrup and fruit juice. In their place, choose low-calorie natural sweeteners and flavored sparkling waters that have fewer calories and no added sugar. If you’ve got to have juice, then make it freshly squeezed. Processed juices like orange and cranberry can have added sugar and way more calories than they are worth.  

Generally, drinking alcohol isn’t the best way to avoid unnecessary calories. But we’re not here to rain on your parade — and we always want to make sure you have a good time. That being said, we’ve rounded up a few cocktails that are less harmful for your post-summer body.

Blueberry Blast

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Blueberries are the best of both worlds.

Blueberries are healthy and tasty. Kiss the extra calories goodbye by using sparkling water in this recipe rather than a sugary mixer. This cocktail has only around 150 calories per serving.

Click here for the Blueberry Blast cocktail recipe.

Itsy Bitsy Bikini-Tini

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This cocktail will keep your bikini body in check.

Fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice is low in calories and has no added sugar. This makes it the perfect mixer for a low-calorie drink — such as Skinnygirl Cucumber Vodka — that boasts the refreshing flavor of cucumbers.


Click here for the Itsy Bitsy Bikini-Tini cocktail recipe.