Dressing Up Your Piña Colada

Sip on a piña colada this summer


Piña coladas are perfect for summer.

Oh, the piña colada. This cocktail is notorious for transporting you to a tropical state of mind. Not to mention, this irresistible drink is the subject of the notorious feel-good song “Escape” by Rupert Holmes. We love piña coladas, but getting caught in the rain is a different story.

First and foremost, the traditional piña colada can obviously be enjoyed as a drink. If you’re inner mixologist is looking to whip up the classic piña colada, make sure you have your Flor de Cana rum, cream of coconut, pineapple juice, and pineapple gomme ready. Click here for specific measurements and step by step instructions to creating this tropical treat.

Now that you’ve enjoyed the lovely piña colada as a drink, did you know you can dress up the flavor of in many ways? Enjoy the flavor of a piña colada in the form of a pie by adding another beachy flavor to the mix, like lime. This dynamic duo will make a stellar piña colada Key lime pie. Check out the recipe for this satisfying dessert here.

Our last suggestion for dressing up the beloved piña colada is by making it into a smoothie. The original piña colada is arguably in the same family as a smoothie — it’s a frozen cocktail, after all. If you’re looking to feel refreshed and get in your daily dosage of tropical fruit, we suggest combining your piña colada with bananas. This tactic will create the ultimate summer cocktail.  


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