Would You Bid $15,000 for a Bottle of 100-Year-Old Champagne?

The winner of the auction will also receive a trip to tour the Krug Champagne house in France
100-Year-Old Champagne for $15K

Photo Krug Modified: Flickr/Lori Branham/CC 4.0

The Krug champagne house is in Reims, France.

If you are a fan of finer things in life, like expensive Champagne, you might want to see this 100-year-old bottle of Krug Champagne.

On September 25, Sotheby’s New York will be showcasing a rare bottle of Krug from 1915, and the historic auction house has set the starting bid at $15,000. “Krugists,” fans of the Champagne house, are encouraged to bid on this antique bottle, although it’s not the oldest one around — scientists actually discovered a 150-year-old bottle of Champagne in a shipwreck.

The winner of the bid will also receive a two-day trip to tour the Krug Champagne house in Reims, France, with three friends. The tour will be led by Olivier Krug, sixth-generation member of the Krug family. Of course, there will be Champagne tastings — including one of the last four remaining bottles of Private Cuvée 1915.


Champagne, which is fermented with carbon dioxide bubbles, is also traditionally made in Champagne, France, from chardonnay, pinot noir, and pinot meunier grapes.