DIY Kitchen Upgrades

Remodel your kitchen without any major construction
DIY Kitchen Upgrades

Simple and fast upgrades can change your kitchen without intense renovations.

For all you at-home chefs, we know that the kitchen is your happy place. And a happy place should not be a drab, outdated spot that makes you feel anything less than stellar. If you are someone who enjoys spending time in the kitchen, you need to personalize the space and give it the vibrancy it so deserves — and you don’t have to gut your kitchen for this to happen. A few simple upgrades and DIY ideas can totally transform your space. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Cabinet Upgrade

You don’t need to install new cabinets to get a fresh look. Use paint to make a two-tone style for a bold cabinetry statement. Use vinyl wall “skins” to decorate the backsplash around the cabinets to make them pop, or use chalkboard paint to make a cabinet a fun and functional piece of furniture!

Upgrade Your Linens.

Don’t feel like painting? Find matching kitchen linens to transform your look. Towels, runners, curtains, and chair pads should all complement one another for a pulled-together look.

Hook It

Hooks and racks can add a lot of personality to your kitchen. By adding a rod to your island and hanging your measuring cups and tea towels off of them, you are creating a fun look that may actually help you stay organized in the long run!

Get Coordinated

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Instead of the jumbled pile of mismatched cookware you’ve collected over the years, clean out the kitchen and upgrade the little things. You can sell them at a flea market and use the extra cash to purchase new measuring cups, canisters, sugar bowls, and more for a unified look.