10 Kitchen Items You Can Turn Into a Chalkboard

DIY projects that will reboot your kitchen

Get inspired by these chalkboard kitchen crafts

DIY projects are great in theory — you log onto Pinterest  and are suddenly inspired to try anything and everything. But while some of those projects are utterly beautiful, they can be utterly challenging, and you could be stuck with tons of supplies and ruined home goods. When it comes to crafting, pick your battles. When it comes to chalkboard paint, that is a battle you could totally win.

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You might have noticed them in department stores and kitchen ads — chalkboards are popping up everywhere. They give your room a rustic, homey feel in contrast to what you get when you use the typed-out (and slightly tacky) label-makers. Luckily for us, it is not a hard look to accomplish and is extremely cost-effective. All you need is chalkboard paint or spray, appropriately sized brushes and rollers (depends on what you’re painting), and the imagination to pull it off.

For inspiration, take a walk into your kitchen, which thrives on beauty and organization. You could dress up your tabletop canisters with gorgeous and useful labels. You can convert placemats and settings in chalkboard slabs for easy arranging. Even coffee mugs and wine glasses will get easier to keep track of once you slap some of this useful, crafty paint on them.


Take a peek at all of the things you could convert to chalkboards in our slideshow!