Salmon Recipes Perfect for Summer

Salmon Recipes Perfect for Summer

These dishes are light, delicious, and perfect for those warmer months
Salmon Recipes Perfect for Summer

Salmon is a great, versatile fish that even fussy eaters can get behind fairly easily. Raw in ceviche, tartar, or carpaccio, cooked in a pan, baked in the oven, or grilled outside on the barbecue, there are so many ways to prepare this delicate fish.

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Many home cooks favor the oven when it comes to cooking salmon, and that’s not surprising. Turning on the oven, lightly seasoning a fillet or two, and then just throwing it in the oven does yield fantastic results with almost zero effort on the part of the cook. But who wants to turn on their oven during the summer? When the air is already hot enough, transforming a kitchen into a hellishly hot sauna simply does not make sense.


Summer dishes should be easy, cooling and full of flavors that are light and bright and don’t weigh you down with masses of dairy or rich sauces. Turn instead to grilled recipes, raw recipes, and recipes that feature fresh flavors like avocado-lime guacamole, pea pesto, cold soba noodle salad, and tart pineapple as brilliant accompaniments to salmon. Citrus-marinated salmon, grilled glazed sweet and spicy salmon or salmon poké are just a few excellent salmon recipes that are simply perfect for summer.