Popular Canned Food in 19 Countries

Everything from canned seafood to spaghetti tops our list of most popular canned foods around the world
Most Popular Canned Foods

Brian Sheehan previews our list of The Most Popular Canned Foods In The World. The full story is available in the Cook section.

The Most Popular Canned Food in 19 Countries

Kristen Hom

Canned foods are a staple food around the world in part because of their affordability and long shelf life.

Canned foods have been a staple in our pantries since the nineteenth century. Once canning was perfected on an industrial scale in 1813 by two Englishmen, Bryan Dorkin and John Hall, canning took off.  

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Generally cheap with a long shelf life, canned foods make it possible to enjoy tomatoes in the dead of winter, ship perishable seafood without the fear of spoilage, and stockpile food in case of disaster strikes. Canned foods might not seem glamorous, but some of the most popular foods, like canned chestnutsanchovies, and lentils, wouldn’t be so readily available without this now-industrialized process of preserving food. 

While generally considered a cheap alternative to fresh food, canned delicacies, like some canned fish, have recently become the purview of gourmet foods companies charging high prices for artisan anchovies, tuna, and more. Check out some of the popular canned foods from 19 countries that rely on tinned foods for both gourmet and cheap dining pursuits alike.


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