Top Rated Albacore Recipes

Chef Qui highlighted October’s seasonal ingredient, the raspberry, in his Raspberry Albacore Crudo. The lightly seared tuna is drizzled with vinaigrette making it sweet and tangy.
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Tuna Salad Sandwich
A great way to serve this salad is to slice a 9-inch round focaccia in half horizontally, fill it with the tuna, and press a plate down on top of the round bread. Place a heavy can or weight on top for an hour, and the dressing will seep into the bread. Slice and serve.
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The combination of tuna salad and egg salad is inspired by a frequent sandwich made by my mother, and this recipe is spruced up with a spicy idea from a previous SWAT ingredient. With the addition of some good bread and an herb salad mix (or watercress, if you can find it), it is a sandwich most might not think of making, but one that makes lunch (or breakfast) so much better.
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