5 Ways To Turn A Costco Chicken Into Dinner

These recipes will help you make the most of the iconic $4.99 bird

Roasted chicken has developed a bad rap for being boring, but we’re here to turn that around with some fresh rotisserie recipes recipes to vamp up your nightly meals. There’s no need to eat the same dish twice in a row — you can often create a lot of variety from a single chief ingredient!

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At $4.99 a pop for around three pounds of bird, the legendary rotisserie chicken at Costco is hard to beat. If you’re not too fussed by the ins and outs of prepared chickens, the Costco rotisserie chicken is a perfect option when you have limited time and money to cook.

Even if you can’t get to Costco, you can make some of our time-saving recipes with any family-size rotisserie chicken available at your grocery store, and this way you’ll be able to use your leftovers throughout the week. We’ve also included instructions for making basic chicken stock so you can prepare a delicious soup if you're feeling ambitious! Bone broth is one of the best ways to utilize the entire chicken while also benefiting from the nutrients it provides. The broth’s amino acid structure and high gelatin content can help aid digestion and mineral absorption.

Some pre-prepped food can save you the hassle of messing up your kitchen — and deliver serious bang for your buck. None of these recipes will use all the meat you'll get from one Costco chicken, but you might be able to make two of these recipes from a single bird — or else save the balance for informal salads or sandwiches. So give yourself a break and cook with some convenience. You’re sure to come back for more.

Avocado and Apple Chicken Salad
The crispy bacon is a must, and if you can get beautifully ripe apples, you’ll have a wonderfully satisfying lunch that has everything you want in each bite.

Click here for the Avocado and Apple Chicken Salad.

Chicken Enchiladas
If you love Mexican food, enchiladas are definitely an excellent choice. They have all the good flavors of a taco, but more cheese and extra juiciness. So skip the taco bar this round and make these yourself! You’ll be surprised how easy it can be.

Click here for the Red and Green Chicken Enchiladas recipe.

Chicken Salad With Asian Vinaigrette
This chicken salad is easy to throw together, has all the Asian flavors you could possibly desire, and is perfectly healthy to boot! The ginger dressing gives it that zesty kick, and combined with the bell peppers, the sweet crispiness makes this salad an easy summer choice.

Click here for the Chicken Salad With Asian Vinaigrette recipe.

Chicken Pad Thai
This pad thai recipe is a classic take on the original pad thai — a dish that is often served as street food in Thailand. Although there are many variations of the dish, this is a quick and easy version that the whole family can enjoy. Make this recipe even easier by using cooked chicken instead of raw!

Click here for the Pad Thai recipe.

Kickin’ Chicken Hash
Hash is one of those dishes that has received some extra attention these days for being able to reinvent itself as more than just a breakfast food. This hash recipe combines the traditional staples of potatoes and onions along with some spicy chicken to give it a heartier flavor.

Click here for the Kickin' Chicken Hash Recipe.

Chicken Stock
Homemade chicken stock is a particularly good dish to prepare yourself as it allows you to control the salt content of your finished soup. As you cook with your chicken during the week, save the bones in another container, then throw them into a big pot to make this delicious broth. This recipe gives you a hearty base to work with that can enhance any soup or sauce.


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