4 No-Fail Dinner Party Ideas for Fall

Celebrate autumn with these exciting themed parties
Campfire party

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Bask in the glory of fall with these great tips.

The idea of a dinner party can be quite intimidating. From the menu to the table settings to the guest list, it’s easy for a simple get-together to spin out of control. But, there are two easy ways to take the stress out of party planning: keep it simple and keep it seasonal. There’s no better way to celebrate the changing leaves and cool weather than with friends and family, and we have four beyond-easy party themes for this autumn.

Fall Harvest

From apples and grapes to squashes and mushrooms, the most bountiful time of the year is fall. Celebrate the gorgeous produce with a fall harvest party. Have your friends bring food from their gardens (or the farmers market) and try out some new recipes with your fresh fruits and vegetables.

Outdoor Bonfire

Is there anyyhing more quintessentially fall than a bonfire? Gather your friends around a fire pit at dusk. Be sure to swap scary stories and snuggle up as you sip on hot cocoa. For food, serve up some s’mores, hot dogs, and roasted peaches.

Pumpkin Party

Some people hate all things pumpkin and pumpkin spice, but for all the pumpkin heads out there, an all-pumpkin party is where it’s at. Throw a themed potluck where everyone brings a dish starring pumpkin. From pumpkin soup to the pumpkin pasta to the classic pumpkin pie and everything in between, there’s no shortage of ways to prepare this favorite gourd.

Seafood Bake

Though it may seem like fish is a summertime food, did you know that the best time to eat seafood is technically in the months that end with an “r”? A fall seafood bake is a way to show off your culinary knowledge to your friends and give a different spin on hearty autumn foods.

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