Best Cooking Tips and Recipes for the Munchies Slideshow

How to Read a Recipe

OK, this is silly, but you actually might have a hard time reading a recipe even without the munchies, so keep these helpful tips in mind before you start cooking. 

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Healthy and Safe Cooking


Sometimes we’re a bit forgetful when we’ve got the munchies, and we might leave the chicken out on the counter for a little too long. Don’t do that, and follow the rest of these guidelines to make sure you’re cooking safely and healthily with the munchies. 

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Get Inspired

OK, these recipes are for kids, but they can really get the creative juices flowing if need be. Just check out all of the colors… and what’s better than a PB&J when you’ve got the munchies?

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The Perfect PB&J


About that peanut butter sandwich. This isn’t a very involved recipe but it’ll get the job done. And because you’re all about being precise when you’re ravenously hungry, this how-to will help you make the perfect peanut butter and jelly sandwich, every time. 

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Be Adventurous

Remember that weird garlic press your aunt Mildred gave you a few Christmases back? Take it out — now. This is the time to explore and be adventurous with your cookware, and we don’t mean just by pressing garlic; figure out what else you can do with it, too.  

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Baked Goods


Baking is… awesome. And this guide tells you everything you need to know.

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Get Yourself Some White Castle

Attention Harold and Kumar: you don’t have to go on a wild ride with Neil Patrick Harris to get a White Castle slider. You can make one at home with our help.

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And Don't Forget the Twinkies!

Emily Jacobs

Twinkies may be disappearing, but their recipe will never die. They’re the perfect combination of texture and flavor for when you have the worst case of the munchies, and you can make them at home with this recipe.

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Set the Mood

It’s all about ambience, right? So jack up the Bob Marley and light a few candles to get into the creative mindset. 

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Oops, get a little too close to the hand with that knife? It’s OK, it’s easy to get distracted. Here’s what you need to know about the most common kitchen injuries. 

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Bacon Is King

Jane Bruce

Bacon pretty much tastes good with everything, and a bacon-wrapped breadstick recipe is easy to whip up with the help of store-bought dough. Even easier are these bacon-wrapped string cheese puffs, made with two store-bought ingredients. 

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No One’s Looking, We Promise

Taste buds and cravings are always changing, especially with the munchies. These are foods that people eat when no one is looking, which probably means they’re weird, which definitely means you’ll like them. 

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KFC Gravy

Pretty much anything you douse with our very own version of KFC’s gravy will taste good, so you should make it. 

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Get Your Lips Smackin’

Instead of eating Nutella straight out the jar with a spoon, make some these delicious recipes instead.

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More Mood Setting

OK, if you’re getting into more than one kind of baking, then you better make these sprinkles. They’re colorful and pretty, too. 

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Mickey D’s

Emily Jacobs

McDonald's has to be a part of your experience with the munchies, right? This recipe is for you so you don’t have to go out and buy a McRib, or even better, for you to enjoy it when it’s not even on the menu. 

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Satisfying the Sweet Tooth

Do It… Perfectly


If your go-to is a grilled cheese, then gosh darn it, it better be the best grilled cheese you’ve ever made. Here’s a helpful guide to show you how to do it. 

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Don’t Forget the Twinkies!

Emily Jacobs

Think we forgot about that Twinkie recipe we mentioned before? We didn’t. Trust us, they’re essential. Here’s a guide on how to make them.

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Ultimate Turkey Sandwich

This one is a little more convenient to make after Thanksgiving, but that’s not to say they don’t sell gravy, stuffing, and cranberries all year-round. It’ll hit the spot, we promise. 

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Think Outside the Box

You probably already are, so apply it to your cooking as well. Chocolate isn’t just for dessert, and we’ll show you how. 

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Steak & Mangos

Anne Dolce

Munchies are all about being weird, right? So be weird and make a steak and mango quesadilla. Just the name of it rolls off our tongues. 

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Cheez-Its Aren’t Just to Eat by the Handful

This is all about being creative, so dust off that Cheez-Its box that’s hiding in your pantry and try some of these delicious, and indulgent, recipes that are perfect for the munchies. 

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Eye Candy

Your meal is done, you’re sitting back to relax, and now it’s time for some visual stimulation. Check out this $1 million-plus kitchen for some eye candy enjoyment. 

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