Illustrated Recipes for Kids

Get your kids involved in the kitchen with these easy and fun-to-follow recipes from They Draw & Cook

They Draw & Cook's fun illustrations make it easy for your kids to whip up their own delicious and healthy snacks.

Are you trying to replace the remote control with something more productive in your household? Sometimes all we want is to move our kids off the couch and get them involved with something besides TV and video games. If you’re in need of a distraction for your kids, cooking can be one of the most rewarding and stimulating activities — no matter their age.

10 Illustrated Recipes for Kids

For those who would like to get their kids into the kitchen or for those who have kids that love cooking already, our friends from They Draw & Cook have published a new illustrated cookbook that will motivate your kids to put on their chef’s hats. 

The interactive book created for iPads features 20 illustrated recipes that are not only simple and easy to follow, but fun to read and look at. From recipes as simple as boiling an egg to fun creations like "Apples with a Smile" — an apple, peanut butter, and marshmallow concoction — They Draw & Cook for Kids will not only entertain your children but get them excited to be cooking in the kitchen — just be sure to protect that iPad. Check out a sneak preview of recipes from their new illustrated book.

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This article was originally published November 26, 2012.