8 New Nutella Recipes

Have you had your Nutella today?

Don't just get your dose of Nutella by spreading it on toast, make these cream cheese danishes with it instead.

World War II changed the food world far beyond introducing victory gardens, because without it, we wouldn’t have Nutella. With the war came a shortage of cocoa in the 1940s, and bakers and pastry chefs like Italian Pietro Ferrero were forced to look for alternatives to create flavor in their creations. Because they were in such great supply in his northwest region of Italy, Ferrero turned to hazelnuts to stretch the supply of chocolate, and created a bar of paste called "pasta gianduja."

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The paste became an instant hit, and mothers in Italy began slicing it up and using it to make sandwiches for their kids’ lunch. There was one catch, though, because it soon became apparent that the kids were tossing aside the bread and eating the paste all on its own. To stop these kids from working around their mothers’ lunches, Ferrero turned the bar of paste into a creamy substance, so it could easily be spread onto pieces of bread. It wasn’t until 1964 that Nutella was officially trademarked with its name, and ever since it’s been making its way into people’s hearts as a breakfast staple and so much more.

The Cook editors can’t get enough of Nutella. Whether by spreading it on a piece of toast in the morning or dipping a sugar cookie into it for an afternoon kick, we’re always finding ways to work it into our day. To celebrate Feb. 5 as World Nutella Day, we’re giving you eight new ways to get your daily dose of Nutella. From original and innovative treats to ones that showcase its national pride, these recipes pay homage to the very deserving Nutella. 


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