The $1 Million-Plus Home Kitchen

In a world where money is no object, this is how we’d build our dream kitchen
Chef's Dream Kitchen Items

We talk to chefs like Tom Colicchio, Wylie Dufresne and Anne Burrell about the kitchens they would build if money and space were no object

Picture a limitless bank account at your disposal, where despite practicality or common sense, you have enough means to purchase anything that your heart desires, and no one is there to stop you or tell you no. Now think about designing your dream kitchen, and imagine all of the endless possibilities for the best and most expensive appliances, décor, and gadgets.

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Need a little help? We thought you might, because while you may have the basic concept, color scheme, or layout of your kitchen imagined in your head, do you know what the best appliances to purchase are? What the highest qualities of materials are to decorate it with? Or how to put the finishing touches on the room with the best set of knives, cutlery, and serving ware?

We’ve all heard of the 1.6 million dollar kitchen, with its Swarovski crystal chandelier and copper refrigerator, but today we’re designing the most expensive kitchen in your home, by providing you with start-to-finish options for everything from stovetops to glassware, dishwashers to toaster ovens, and everything in between. 

Working with celebrated kitchen designer Deborah Krasner and New York City interior designer Kelly Cassidy, we covered every aspect of the kitchen to define how to build the most expensive one. From the tile backsplash and setting the perfect mood with lighting to providing you with the most luxurious cooking appliances available, we covered all of the necessities for a kitchen, with no penny spared. This list will make your mouth water without the mention of food, and will keep you buying those lottery tickets every day. 

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