5 Shocking Ways to Eat Cakes

Have your cake and eat it too

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These cupcake cones make a perfect treat for birthday parties.

Sheet cake, layer cake, and Bundt cakes — we really thought we had seen it all, but creative cake preparations are popping up at weddings, birthdays, and back-to-school parties. With that in mind, we’ve collected the craziest, most shocking ways to eat cake right now.

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These wacky ideas often play with both form and function. Take cake in a jar, which offers individually portion cakes that are perfect to take on the go and pass out at parties. Fried cake is a delicious alternative to doughnuts, and you kids will love dunking them in the frosting. Ice cream cone cakes make for an adorable presentation, and they look just like a real ice cream treat — without all the melty mess.

For the perfect frosting-to-cake ratio, try push-pop cakes, which are fun to make and eat. Finally, cake submerged in milk is the perfect way to make dry cake delicious once again. Whether you are looking for a creative recipe to amaze guests at your wedding, dinner party, or baby shower, or are just tired of baking the usual layer cake, these shocking ways to eat cake will give you plenty of new ways to display you cake-baking prowess.

Cake in a Jar

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This is a cake in a jar.

This portable cake treat in an eco-friendly jar makes the perfect statement for your next party. You can even decorate the jar with personalized touches. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees F, then fill the cake batter halfway up the Mason jar. Next, heat hot water in a pan and place the jars in the hot water. This ensures that the cake cooks evenly and the jars do not break. Bake the cakes, adding roughly 10 to 15 minutes to the cooking time in the recipe.


Shutterstock - hanabiyori

These are fried cake balls.

You can fry just about anything. Paula Deen proved that when she fried butter, so why not cake? For these delightful fried treats, just whip up your favorite batter and add one cup of extra flour to thicken it. Then, heat canola, vegetable, or corn oil to 350 degrees F. Scoop about a tablespoon of batter and gently add it to the hot oil as you would a dumpling. Fry until golden brown on all sides. Once your cakes have been removed from the oil and cooled on towels, all that is left to do is dunk them in some sweet and creamy frosting!

Ice Cream Cone Cakes

Karniewska - Thinkstock

This is a cupcake cone.

These adorable treats are perfect for your kid’s next birthday party. To make ice cream cone cakes, just pick your favorite cake recipe and mix the batter according to the directions. Then, place the flat-bottomed ice cream cones in muffin tins and fill the cones half to two-thirds full. Bake the cake cones at the time and temperature suggested in the recipe for cupcakes.

Push-Pop Cake       

This is a cake push pop.

Cake push-pops take the cake pop trend to a whole new level. These cake push-pops work just like your favorite frozen push-pops from your younger years. To make these sweet treats, you will need to buy push-pop containers, like these, multiple cake pans, and food coloring. Pick your favorite cake and frosting recipe and make according to the instructions. Then, cut out pieces of cake and layer them with the frosting into the cake pops. Alternate cake colors for a beautiful and vibrant presentation.

Submerged in Milk

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Milk and cake is a winning combination.

Some people like cake and ice cream, others like cake and milk — but cake in milk? This oddball combination is the perfect solution for day-old cake. Just add milk to a mug, throw in some pieces of milk, and heat the mug for about 20 seconds for a warm, delightful cake treat.

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