Tips for Eco-Friendly Cakes

Green Bride Guide talks the art of the green wedding cake

Ah, the cake! It is perhaps the most delicious and decadent part of your wedding. It’s an edible work of art — tiered and candied, frosted and flowered — it stands tall, a monument to your love and a reward for all your hard work. There are as many styles of cake as there are fish in the sea, and like both, you’ve found yours. Now keep it eco-friendly with these seven tips for sustainable indulgence.

There is no need to sacrifice beauty or taste, just make a few careful decisions and let the festivities begin!

Go Local

Local ingredients are the greenest. They require very little energy to transport and support the local economy. Plus, if you find an organic farm, they will be sustainably and responsibly produced. If you’re making the cake yourself and want to include fresh berries, take a day with your fiancé and pick your own!

Go Organic

Organic is always best. Chemicals stay far away from your food and you’ll be supporting a growing movement towardtowards more health- and environment- conscious eating. If you’re enlisting the expertise of a master baker, ask him to purchase organic ingredients. When it comes to baking, there is no appreciable difference in how organic ingredients behave. The only difference is in the way you feel when you eat them.

Choose an Eco-Theme

Make an eco-statement with your cake by having it decorated with an environmental theme. Flowers, leaves, butterflies, or even tree branches made from sugar remind one of the great outdoors.

Fair Trade Chocolate and Nuts

Eco-friendly shouldn’t just be about the environment, but about people, too. If chocolate or nuts are finding their way into your cake (both, please!) make sure they come from a fair trade source. Visit Equal Exchange or TransFair to find high- quality fair trade ingredients.

An Eco-Friendly Topper

Cake toppers are cute, romantic, and fun! It’s not hard to find one that’s also sustainable. Use one made from sugar, sustainable wood, or organic flowers. If you’d like something more traditional, consider buying a vintage topper. They’re classy, evoke a bygone era, and double as great keepsakes.

Eat Vegan

If you’re willing to forgo the butter and eggs, you can create an entirely vegetable-based cake that still tastes spectacular. Many bakers have vegan cake options. If it’s animal- free, it’s cruelty- free, and that’s always a good thing.

Skip the Cake

Sometimes cake isn’t all it’s cracked up to be (for those of us who don’t love cake). Instead, try organic fruit tarts or make-your-own sundaes with organic ice cream and fresh local fruit.