11 Over-the-Top Root Beer Float Recipes


All the ingredients for this Whipped Root Beer Float are blended together and topped with lots of whipped cream and sprinkles for an over-ther-top twist on a classic float recipe.

Black cow, ice cream soda, root beer float — no matter what you call it, this classic treat has been delighting our taste buds since we were children, and it still hits all the right notes. Take a break from the late summer heat with this icy cold treat, and celebrate national Root Beer Float Day. The classic float only requires two ingredients — vanilla ice cream and root beer — but these outrageous floats take the craft to new heights.

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We owe this great tradition to a little soda fountain in Philadelphia that came up with the idea way back in 1874, and the trend caught on quickly. Today, floats are an American institution.

Whether you add booze or keep this drink kid-friendly, these twisted takes on the classic root beer float make the perfect afternoon treat. Try out one of these outrageous root beer floats in honor of this most auspicious holiday, Root Beer Float Day, August 6.

Boozy Mint Chocolate Chip Root Beer Float

Try this twist on the classic root beer float, which swaps the usual vanilla ice cream for mint chocolate, and adds a shot of whipped cream flavored vodka.

For the Boozy Mint Chocolate Chip Root Beer Float recipe, click here.

Dirty Root Beer Float

Miranda Couse

This dirty root beer float is far too delicious not to slurp down and thoroughly enjoy. It’s heavily boozed up, but the sting of the alcohol is tamed down by the ice cream and root beer. It makes the perfect girls night drink — provided everyone at your get-together loves root beer floats.

For the Dirty Root Beer Float recipe, click here.

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