These Are the Best Cheeses for Cheeseburgers, Period

American cheese is a classic, but cheese can go way beyond it. Find out which cheeses are perfect for cheeseburgers

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Blue cheese for your next burger.

A juicy ground beef patty, covered in melted American cheese, piled high with lettuce, tomatoes, crisped bacon, on a toasted sesame seed bun are all part of the image of a classic American cheeseburger stored in our minds. The cheese has a lot to do with building that distinct flavor we want to taste when biting into a perfectly cooked burger. American cheese melts beautifully, almost like a cheese sauce right on the top of your patty — but try making your magical cheese sauce with another type of cheese.

 “Meltability” is the first step in determining a perfect cheese for your burger, but you can also choose cheeses that will add a great deal of flavor without having the melt factor. If your main goal is to add intense flavor to your burger, the way to go is blue cheese — for instance, gorgonzola. To add tang to your burger without the quite the intensity of blue cheese, suitable cheeses might be aged provolone or Monterey Jack.

Want to find out what cheeses are the best for cheeseburgers? Read on:

Aged Provolone

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This is aged provolone.

Aged provolone is a great cheese to use if you are looking to add tanginess. This is the cheese to use to give your next burger a sharp bite.


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The classic American burger.

The most popular cheese option has to be American cheese — it’s a classic. To make a simple and delicious burger, you need enough fat in the meat, and two or three slices of American cheese.