Bison and 7 Other Alternative Burgers to Rock Your Next Barbecue

Hamburgers and hot dogs are delicious, but for your next barbecue, try making bison, shrimp, or veggie burgers
How to Spice Up Your Burger
Chef Tim Love gives us his tips for elevating a classic

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We’ve rounded up eight different types of burgers that will surprise everyone at your backyard barbecue.

Burgers and hot dogs are barbecue staples; they’re exactly what you expect to eat when you’re invited to a summer bash, but sometimes it’s nice to shake things up. Don’t be ordinary when you’re planning your next barbecue menu — try some alternative burger recipes that will shock your guests.

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Beef burgers are undeniably classic, but we have eight different types of burgers you can serve that will surprise everyone. There may be some vegetarians at your barbecue anyway, so why not make a veggie or mushroom burger? Bison, chicken, and shrimp are other alternatives that are easy to make into tasty patties.

If chicken, turkey, or veggie doesn’t cut it for you, then you should try bison burgers. Bison is similar in taste to lean beef and has more nutritional value. Journalist Nina Pineda of New York City’s Eyewitness News says that, according to the USDA, “a grass-fed, three-ounce bison patty has 152 calories and seven grams of fat. That’s less than a broiled, 90 percent lean beef burger, which averages 184 calories and 10 grams of fat. And it’s even less than a broiled, 93-percent lean turkey burger, which averages 176 calories and 10 grams of fat.”  At your next gathering, serve your bison burgers with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and Cheddar — everyone will fall in love.

There are so many burger options out there to choose from that you shouldn’t limit yourself to ground beef. Want to learn about some other varieties sure to astound your guests? Read on.

Best Bison Burger

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Worcestershire sauce, salt, garlic, and black pepper are the classic ingredients for a delicious and juicy beef burger. You may be skeptical about trying bison burgers, but this recipe has all of the same ingredients — just with ground bison instead of beef. For the Best Bison Burger recipe, click here.

Chicken Burger Recipe

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Make this chicken burger recipe on the grill or bread and pan-fry it before your guests arrive. It tastes wonderful and has a satisfying crunch that everyone will enjoy. For the Chicken Burger recipe, click here.