The Best Food and Drink in Vermont

Besides Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, of course
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You’ll find tons of maple syrup there, but Vermont has so much more than maple waiting in its landscape. Vermont’s residents are outdoorsy and have taken their love for traditional, small-scale farming to the big stage by leading the nation’s farm-to-table movement. We’ve rounded up the best of the state’s eats as part of our first annual guide to the best food and drink in every state.

The Best Food and Drink in Vermont for 2018 (Gallery)

The state may be small and the farms might be even smaller, but the people from Vermont are strong, independent, and not to be trifled with. The tough and ever-changing land of steep hills and rocky soil has forced Vermont residents to reinvent the state’s food and drink industry time and time again, most recently by devoting efforts to growing some of the country’s best local produce.

The stereotype of those who hail from Vermont is that they love to hike, wear Birkenstocks, and eat organic — and there’s an element of truth in that, reflected in the state’s great wealth of handcrafted food and drink. It’s such an amiable state for foodies, even Ben and Jerry ditched their home state of New York to start up their ice cream business there. Between the Ben & Jerry’s factory, the plethora of craft breweries to tour, and the unbelievable excess of dairy (there’s one cow in Vermont for every 3.8 people) it’s basically a foodie’s dream come true.

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