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Check Out the New Food Emojis Apple Is Introducing This Week

Apple is introducing new food emojis, including a pie emoji just in time for Thanskgiving

Apple is about to make it a whole lot easier to text about lunch plans. The tech giant announced Friday that its iOS 11.1 would launch as a public beta release next week, and the update will include hundreds of new emoji. The new emoji include broccoli, a Chinese takeout container, a dumpling, and a pie emoji that will probably get a lot of use around Thanksgiving.

Apple’s new announcement does not just include new food emoji, either. The update will include a mermaid, a woman with a headscarf, a breastfeeding emoji, a zombie, and more.

The update also includes a bowl, chopsticks, a cup with a straw, a food can, a fortune cookie, a "meat" emoji, a pretzel, a coconut, and a sandwich emoji. It’s surprising to realize that there hasn’t been a sandwich emoji all this time. How have we lived without a sandwich emoji? The new emoji are very good news, especially since it’s possible to get restaurant search results by Tweeting emoji at Google.

The pie emoji in particular is a much-needed update. The pie vs. cake debate has raged on for years, but nobody on the pie side has been able to express their support via text message. There are two cake emoji, though, because the Unicode Consortium must be Team Cake.

People campaign heavily for new emoji. There was even a Kickstarter campaign devoted to buying a seat on the Unicode Consortium, just to push for a dumpling emoji. Butterball has been petitioning for a Thanksgiving turkey emoji, and a senator from Maine has been campaigning for a lobster emoji.


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The full roster of new food emoji will appear with the iOS 11.1 beta update later this week. People will probably be all ready to celebrate when it happens, because emojis are one of the 9 top entertaining trends right now.