We Are One Step Closer to Having a Dumpling Emoji

If approved, it won’t be available until 2017


Other food emojis in consideration are croissant, avocado, bacon, and fortune cookie.

Thanks to the efforts of Emojination, the dumpling emoji is under official consideration by the Unicode Technical Committee (UTC). If accepted, it will be released in June 2017. The Emojination campaign worked for the inclusion of a dumpling emoji, to inform people of the emoji selection process, and raise enough money to join Unicode as an official non-voting associate member, according to Digital Trends.

In the ‘About’ section on the Emojination website it reads, “Dumplings are a seemingly universal food, popular throughout the world’s cultures… Yet there is no dumpling emoji. There are, however, emojis for pizza, hamburgers and tacos.” Their Kickstarter campaign has raised over $12,000 to cover the membership fees required to join the Unicode Consortium. The Unicode Consortium’s board is made up of some of the most powerful tech companies in the world, and a board seat with full voting rights costs $18,000 annually.

Other food-related emojis currently under consideration are croissant, avocado, bacon, potato, carrot, baguette, egg, a takeout box, fortune cookie, chopsticks, and kiwi. A full list can be found on the Unicode website.

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