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Now You Can Get Restaurant Search Results by Tweeting Emojis at Google

You’ll never have to look at a generic search bar to find new food spots again

ThomasDeco / Shutterstock

The new Google feature will even point you in the direction to the closest zoo with a lion emoji.

Google is taking people’s love for food and emojis and combining them into one with a new feature that allows Twitter users to receive restaurant or recipe recommendations by tweeting emojis at Google.

Through the feature, which became available Tuesday, Dec. 6, Twitter users simply need to type in a food emoji, followed by “@Google,” to receive a response from a Google bot with a link of potential food spots.

“There are 21 million tweets sent every hour, and 600,000 of them contain at least one emoji,” a Google representative told Eater. “A staggering 74 percent of people in the U.S. regularly use emojis, sending an average of 96 per day.”

The company has also set up automated responses for non-food emojis.

This isn’t the first time a company has capitalized on the popularity of emojis — in the summer of 2015, Domino’s started a “tweet to order” system that allowed customers to tweet the pizza emoji to have a pizza arrive at their homes shortly after.


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