5 Recipes for 'The Most Exciting 2 Minutes in Sports'


A Kentucky Derby favorite, this stew has a "social" aspect to it. It's been used as a way to gather people together. We don't blame them, it's declicious. 

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Crabby Eggs

These deviled eggs are given the perfect Southern touch with fresh crabmeat. 

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Fried Oysters

While oysters are certainly an acquired taste, when fried they're just about perfect for anyone. 

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Buffalo Horns

"My friend Bridgette once said that she couldn’t possibly eat deviled eggs without Buffalo wings on the side. Well, now they’re both in one food. Being a North Carolina girl, I used a local Buffalo wing sauce, Texas Pete, but just grab your own favorite. I’m picturing these next to a plate of fried chicken."

— Debbie Moose, author of Deviled Eggs

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That Horse Race Pie

"That horse race" is the Kentucky Derby, and this pie is a tradition for Derby Day parties. Can’t call it a Derby Pie, though, because a bakery in Louisville gets real upset. This pie is too good for just one day. The chocolate, bourbon, and nuts just blend to perfection. It travels well, making it great for potlucks and family reunions. Make this pie often."

— Fred Thompson

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