10 Store-Bought Shortbread Cookies Ranked From Worst To Best

If the Trefoil Girl Scout Cookie is your favorite, then this article is for you. In my mind, there's nothing quite like a simple shortbread cookie. While some find this snack option boring or bland, my palate deeply enjoys these buttery treats — a subdued yet indulgent dessert that doesn't feel heavy or unhealthy. They are a clean slate for classic vibes or creative dessert innovations. Savor a few with a cup of tea or indulge in a handful after dinner. No matter the occasion, they bring a smile to my face and warm the hearts of many.

I wanted to honor the classic shortbread cookie with a thorough ranking. One that would finally show the world these cookies mean business. From popular names to grocery store brands, this list has them all. I analyzed texture, quality, and of course, taste, to determine which cookie really is the best. Grab your favorite beverage — tea, milk, or otherwise — and let's see which cookie takes the gold!

10. Pepperidge Farm Dublin Shortbread

I am a lover of Pepperidge Farm and their array of offerings, especially their Milano cookie selection, but the brand's Dublin Shortbreads just don't make the cut on my epic list of shortbread cookies. First and foremost, these cookies simply don't taste like shortbreads at all. There's so much caramel and toffee flavoring, which I don't like outside of this taste test. That's not a classic aspect of a genuine butter shortbread, which is reason enough to put them last.

I have nicer things to say about texture, as the mouthfeel of these cookies is similar to a shortbread. However, that's not saying much. The texture isn't sandy enough and doesn't have that moist essence from a traditional shortbread. Overall, these are an all-around no. I think these have their place in the cookie world but not in the classification of shortbread or on my list.

9. Benton's Pecan Shortbread Cookies

While Aldi is known for its Girl Scout cookie copycats, I have to say, the Benton's brand let me down with this snack treat. Maybe I'm biased, as I don't love nuts, but their Pecan Shortbread Cookies just didn't do it for me, especially compared to some of the heavy hitters in this lineup.

I'll start with the texture, which is just a little too hard of a bite. It doesn't have that soft essence embedded within the cookie that makes a shortbread a true shortbread. They also aren't very gritty, missing that sandy mouthfeel shortbread lovers have come to know and love.

Regarding flavor, these cookies aren't super sweet, but I could get hints of subtle flavor from the pecans. The nut pieces add some depth, but to me, these are just too bland. Even outside of this shortbread lineup, I don't think these are a solid cookie.

8. Voortman Bakery Sero Sugar Shortbread Cookies

I have to say, I think it's wild a sugar-free cookie made it this far down the list. There was just something about Voortman Bakery Sugar Free Shortbreads that kept me eating. 

To be clear: These cookies definitely smell and taste sugar free, but they aren't bad, forgoing any weird additive tastes or bland foundations. While it's quite apparent there's no sugar in them from bite one, they don't taste bad at all. They taste more like a cracker or even a digestive cookie from Europe. However, with the absence of sugar comes the absence of texture. They also don't have the sandy mouthfeel I love from a shortbread, but they are a little gritty in the bite.

Vootman's definitely aren't your grandma's shortbreads, but these cookies aren't bad by any means. If you need sugar-free, for health or any other reason, you may want to give these a try.

7. Favorite Day Butter Shortbread Cookie Bites

Next up is Target's Favorite Day brand offering shoppers a cute little box of Butter Shortbread Cookie Bites. These adorable little snack-size cookies are pretty good, but they aren't exactly the gold standard for shortbreads.

You'll definitely find some hints and subtle notes you'd get in a traditional shortbreads, such as the texture. They are pretty close to a quintessential shortbread, having almost the same sandy and soft mouthfeel. However, these cookie bites lean a lot sweeter. They almost taste like a sugar cookie, featuring no real butter essence or savory profile. They're too sweet to be called a shortbread, but they're good, nonetheless.

Overall, Target's attempt at shortbreads is really tasty, but it doesn't exactly scream shortbread. These get a Like, but since they aren't traditional, they claim the 7th place spot. Maybe these are the gateway shortbreads for younger generations to come.

6. Keebler Sandies Shortbread Classic

Claiming 6th place, with a shift into the brands who lean more traditional in the shortbread world, is Keebler with its Classic Shortbread Sandies. These cookies taste buttery, like you'd expect from a shortbread, but they also feature a hint of something I couldn't place while eating them. I think it's that real Madagascar vanilla, which really changes the profile but in a great way.

Regarding texture, Keebler Sandies have that traditional crumble/sandy feel that I love, but they're still a little moist within the bite, offering a decent crunch overall. I also have to say, I love easy-open packaging, so they get a gold star for that aspect. 

When it comes to their final placement, I have to say, these cookies just aren't a true favorite, missing a touch of that classic shortbread essence I crave. I do recommend trying them, as they are delicious with that Madagascar vanilla plot twist, but if it's the traditional shortbread experience you seek, keep reading.

5. 365 Butter Shortbread

Whole Foods has a whole lot of food options when it comes to its 365 brand. For this list, I assessed their Butter Shortbreads, and I have to say, they're pretty good!

What I love most is the taste but not the texture. These cookies are a little too moist for me, but that isn't a huge detractor because these shortbreads are super buttery. However, there is a balance of sweet here that I really liked. They leane savory, but you still got a nice sugary flavor within the profile.

Overall, while 365 has the savoriness of a tried and true shortbread, the texture misses the mark. Why did they pull ahead of the Keeblers? The Sandies are good, but the 365 brand is so bold with that butter/sugar combo. If you want a great flavor in your shortbread, a little more than most, definitely give Whole Food's shortbreads a try.

4. Great Value Lemon Dipped Shortbread Cookies

Okay, I know I say this every taste test, and most are aware by now, but Walmart and I are not friends. However, we have to talk about Great Value's Lemon Dipped Shortbreads. Holy bananas are these delicious! The second I opened the packaging, I was taken aback in the best way by bold lemon and sugar smells. Call me intrigued.

These cookies are big and round and have a layer of lemon coating on the bottom. This addition felt like cause for concern at first, but the flavoring isn't too much at all. It adds a nice citrus vibe that really steals the show in the best way possible. The lemon is super bold but a little artificial tasting. However, they're good, nonetheless.When it comes to the cookie itself, though, there's nothing special to report. It's little harder than most shortbreads and not really sandy in the texture, but that doesn't detract from my overall love of these cookies.

Great Value's go at shortbreads is honestly super delicious, and I can't believe I'm saying that about Walmart. I'm keeping these from the top 3 since they aren't "classic" and had some aspects that aren't exactly shortbread or perfect. With that said, give them a try!

3. Signature Select Lemon Shortbread Cookies

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I believe Signature Select is a new top contender for grocery brand food, and these cookies seal that deal for me. Breaking into the top 3 in this ranking is the brand's Lemon Shortbread Cookies. 

Full disclosure: These cookies are almost the exact same as Walmart's option, but Signature Select tastes more natural with a real lemon flavoring, though not as bold. The lemon in these cookies leans floral in a really nice and subtle way. This complexity is the reason they overtook Great Value, but I truly think both have their place depending on your palate and preference.

Regarding texture, they're roughly the same as the Walmart shortbreads, with a lemon-coated bottom and a crunchy cookie that isn't exactly shortbread style. Nevertheless, I couldn't stop eating these cookies. I highly recommend you give them a try!

2. Walkers Pure Butter Shortbread

The top two spots were taken by two brands that bring a strong shortbread cookie game. Placing second is the fanciest cookie on the list — Walkers Pure Butter Shortbread. If there is a tried and true classic, it has to be Walkers. I feel like this cookie option is what all other shortbreads try for, but is it the best? Almost.

Walkers offers that iconic sandy texture — not too hard or soft — with a gritty bite. They really have a killer mouthfeel if you're into that sort of thing. The taste is balanced, too, but far more subtle than the others. You get the butter and sugar, but these flavors are in the background, not trying to take over the profile or your palate. There's an essence of harmony here you just won't find elsewhere.

From shape to taste, these are the perfect cookies for dipping in your tea. I can't recommend them enough. Why didn't they take the first place spot? Personal preference.

1. Lorna Doone Shortbread Cookies

Next to a Trefoil, there aren't any better shortbreads than Lorna Doone in my book. These cookies are crumbly in all the right ways, with that sandy bite, and lean savory with that true butter base. To me, these are the tried and true shortbread cookie on the shelves.

Unlike the other options on this ranking, each bite offers a sweet blast of sugar and savory butter that balances the profile perfectly. These cookies have way bolder flavors than Walkers, and for that reason, they won the gold. Does it mean they really are better? Maybe. But I think that's for you to decide. I've made my choice.

I also adore that these cookies are portioned in small packages. They're great for on-the-go snacking and portion control, with 4 cookies to a package. Kids and adults, this is your next favorite cookie. Get to the store and ensure you have the best shortbreads around!

How we chose the best shortbread cookies

For this taste test, I sought out, bought, and tried all the delicious cookies you see here. My goal was to find the quintessential shortbread; the Platonic form of butter cookies, if you will. I scored based on savory flavor with a balance of butter and sugar, along with that traditional sandy shortbread texture that lovers know so well!