TikTok's Micro Charcuterie Boards Are The Ideal Summer Snack

There's nothing like a classy charcuterie board paired with a bottle or two of wine (or nonalcoholic beverages, if you prefer) to provide an array of different snacks for guests at a party. This summer, rather than making a large, party-sized charcuterie board, why not jump on the TikTok trend of making mini ones instead?

Mini charcuterie boards have the benefit of being the perfect portion for one person, letting them get all the different bites without having to keep returning to the snack table. They're easy to carry around, meaning you can move from inside to outdoors at your party or dinner event. Plus, you can tailor individual boards to the tastes of your guests, making some boards sweet, some savory, others vegetarian, and more. They also mean that no one has to worry about some guests double-dipping in sauces or spreads, which can help reduce the spread of germs. And, of course, they just look plain cute.

First, figure out your actual board

The first thing to do when creating mini charcuterie boards is to choose what you'll use as the board. You can use simple coasters that can rest atop each wine glass, which can be a fun option to create wine pairings. This gives you room to use different varietals in each glass and pair them with charcuterie boards that match their aroma and tasting notes.


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Another option is to buy mini charcuterie boards online or at a local craft store. These boards look just like regular-sized boards but are just a few inches tall, making them a personal-sized pick for your guests. Some designs even come with a groove that lets you use them as a wine glass holder, too!

If you'd rather try something else, you could use an edible mini charcuterie board. Rather than using wooden, plastic, or another inedible material, use toasted pieces of bread sliced into the shape of charcuterie boards as grabbable appetizers for your guests. Then, as usual, top them with nuts, cheese, meats, and other bites.

Select and arrange your ingredients

The next step is to choose what to add to your charcuterie board. Meat and cheese options are the standard, but you can add fruits, nuts, or even sweets to the mix to create a balance of sweet, creamy, and savory flavors. Another way to incorporate new tastes into each board is to add some unique ingredients to your charcuterie array, such as a dollop of mango chutney.

Another option might be eliminating the savory ingredients entirely and creating a dessert charcuterie board packed with sweet treats. This is a nice choice if you opt for a sweeter palate and are a beginner looking to experiment with dessert wines.

Once you have your ingredients chosen, it's time to organize them on your charcuterie boards. Remember, since these are smaller, you have less space to work with, so you may need to chop or slice the ingredients into bite-sized pieces to make them fit. From there, start with your larger ingredients, such as grapes, and arrange smaller items around them to create a balanced and organized board. With these charcuterie tips, tricks, and recipes, you're all set to put a mini twist on a classic party snack spread!