When is Cinco de Mayo 2019?

Because evidently, this isn’t an intuitive thing
When’s Cinco de Mayo?

Why yes, you are reading a story about the date of Cinco de Mayo,

If you typed the question “When is Cinco de Mayo” into Google (which you obviously did by this point, don’t deny it), we’d be lying if we didn’t admit that we are seriously concerned. To question “what is Cinco de Mayo” is understandable, as not everyone knows it is the holiday that commemorates the day the Mexican army defeated France at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War(1861-1867) in 1862.

But we have to give you some credit. At least you asked the internet ether-gods this question before you chose to ask it out loud in a circle of friends or colleagues.

Use the power of deduction here. Think about what the word “cinco” stands for. It is the Spanish world for “five.” “De” translates into “of” and “Mayo” is basically “May,” but with an O. It literally means “The 5th of May.”

Don’t speak Spanish? No excuse. The Count on Sesame Street has been teaching you how to count in Spanish since the ‘80s.

Now, if you happened to mean to ask the question “What day does Cinco de Mayo fall on?” please forgive us. That is a much more understandable question to ask. After all, you have to plan out your margarita drinking schedule.

Cinco de Mayo 2019 falls on a Sunday

So now that you know what, when, and which day it falls on, get ready to have a seriously fun fiesta!

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