Watch a Coffee Vending Machine Yell at Customers

The Kenco Millicano machine in London shouts orders at you to hug, dance, and scream — totally normal

Yes, this coffee machine will boss you around.

We can't even keep track of the number of weird vending machines these days — fight a Rugbeer machine for a beer, hug a Coke vending machine for a free soda — but we've never seen one quite so bossy. 

Wired tipped us off to the The Kenco Millicano coffee vending machine in London, which will order you around before you get a cup of joe, telling customers to dance, yell, even hug the machine. (Who knew machines wanted so much love?) It's similar to the Australian "Fantastic Delites" cracker machine, which orders you to "bow down" to the cracker. People's reactions to the machine are quite fantastic — hugs, legs in the air, roaring like a lion, the list goes on and on. Major props to this voice actor who voiced the part: we've never had such a funny barista. 

Watch the video and ask yourself, how far would you go for a free cup of coffee?