Vending Machine Wants You to 'Bow to the Almighty Cracker'

See how far some people are going for a box of free crackers

Australian shoppers proved some people are willing to do (almost) anything for free crackers. Hundreds of shoppers obeyed the commands of a giant green vending machine for a free sample of Fantastic Delites rice crackers.

The snack company set up its Delite-o-Matic, an interactive vending machine full of boxes of its rice snacks in the middle of Rundle Mall in Adelaide last week. The price for these salty snacks, however, wasn’t monetary.

This Delite-o-Matic tested how far people would go for free food. Some hungry shoppers were more than willing to play along for the tasty giveaways.

The Delite-o-Matic machine started off simply enough with the challenge of pressing a button 100 times for a free box of crackers, but as each new contestant stepped up to the machine, the challenges grew progressively harder and more embarrassing.

Hungry shoppers pressed the button 200, 300, 500, and yes, one poor woman even clicked a button 5,000 times to score her freebie. But the Delite-o-Matic didn’t stop there, asking some patrons to hop on one foot, do the robot dance, breakdance, and do push-ups — all in the name of free food.

Fantastic Delites has set up an online version of the vending machine and plans are underway to move the machine elsewhere. Could it be coming to a shopping center near you? Would you bow to the almighty cracker?