Rugbeer Vending Machine Makes You Fight for a Brew

The beer vending machine acts like a rugby player, forcing you to push it for a beer

To get a beer from "Rugbeer," you have to fight it first.

There's been an awful lot of kooky food vending machines in the past year: the huggable Coca-Cola machine, the first 24-hour ATM cupcake vending machine from Sprinkles. But would you actually fight a vending machine — literally — to get your hands on a beer?

That's the idea behind "Rugbeer," a rugby player-inspired vending machine that challenges you to a fight for a beer. The machine, from Argentinian beer company Cerveza Salta, won't dispense your beer — even after you give it your money — unless you push it hard enough. (Think to when you have to push and shake the vending machine to dislodge your drink — it's kind of like that.) Instead of buttons, the machine will rank your strength; push it hard enough into the green zone, and you get your drink. If you can't push it out of the red zone, you're just as thirsty as you were before (if not more).

Sounds weird? According to the PR agency behind the machine, Ogilvy, it's working: it said Argentinian bars that installed the Rugbeer sold 25 percent more beer. We're guessing testosterone levels in these bars were also raised by about 25 percent. Watch men get in on the action below and tell us — would you, and could you, take on the Rugbeer challenge?