Turkey Salad Thanksgiving Sandwich Inspired by Alton Brown

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Alton Brown shares his secret for a Thanksgiving Sandwich

A secret ingredient makes this Thanksgiving sandwich tastier than ever

Everyone has their own tradition for a Thanksgiving Sandwich — and Food Network Chef Alton Brown is no different. But what makes his post-turkey day sandwich special? The answer: deviled eggs. The Cook editors at The Daily Meal were surprised by this untraditional ingredient and couldn’t wait to whip up a recipe.

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Much like Alton Brown, we turned the hard boiled eggs into a salad by adding mayonnaise, mustard,  lemon juice, seasoning, and herbs. We then combined the egg salad with the leftover stuffing, turkey, and cranberry sauce. We slathered some extra gravy on hamburger buns (Brown says buns are the only way to go) and then piled on some of the turkey salad.

An ingenious approach to a Thanksgiving sandwich, this turkey salad sandwich has all the flavors of Thanksgiving — and the added bonus of creamy deviled eggs. We recommend making deviled eggs as an appetizer this holiday and using those leftovers for the sandwich. Mix things up this year and try our version of Brown's egg-based sandwich recipe.

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