Alton Brown Describes His Perfect Thanksgiving Sandwich

It’s not what you’d expect, but absolutely brilliant

The secret to Alton Brown's Thanksgiving sandwich? Deviled eggs.

Alton Brown is a man who knows how to take a dish, even if we think it’s already been perfected, and find a way to improve on it. Case in point: the Thanksgiving sandwich. We all have our own ideal interpretation of what this classic day-after-Thanksgiving indulgence includes, but the longtime Food Network mainstay has turned it completely on its head, with delicious-sounding results.

“The perfect Thanksgiving sandwich isn’t served on Thanksgiving, but the day after,” Brown told us when we asked for his recipe. “You have to give the turkey time to cool and rest. Now, most turkey sandwiches are made like a traditional cold cut sandwich, but that’s not how I make mine. I make a turkey salad sandwich.”

So now that we know that Brown eschews sliced turkey in favor of turkey salad (“chopped dark and white meat,” to be more specific), what does he do to give it that Thanksgiving twist?

“I always have deviled eggs on my Thanksgiving table, and I chop up those leftover deviled eggs, mix it into the chopped turkey with some stuffing, bind it all together with cranberry sauce, and put it all on a bun,” he said. “Buns are the way to go. It’s awesome. You get all the flavors of Thanksgiving, but in a sandwich.”

So there you have it. The secret to Alton Brown’s Thanksgiving sandwich: deviled eggs. We know what we’ll be doing the day after Thanksgiving… 


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