Put An Egg On It: Best Ways To Have Eggs For Dinner

Eggs are the quintessential breakfast food. Of course, every now and again parents pressed for time will serve them as part of "breakfast for dinner" (we've pulled this one when we've accidentally ruined another dish), but really there are any number of delicious ways to include eggs in your dinner repertoire and some compelling reasons to do so.

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Eggs are loaded with protein and vitamins B12, A, D, and E. And not only are eggs good for you (and delicious, adding all sorts of texture to dishes), they're also wonderful for families on a budget. Even free-range organic eggs rarely cost more than $0.50 an egg, making them one of the best deals for protein for hungry families.

Here are some terrific recipes to help you find ways to feed your family eggs for dinner. Soon enough, you'll be putting eggs on everything. We're definitely guilty of that.

— Brooklyn Supper, Babble


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