13 Easy Deviled Egg Recipes to Help You Celebrate Spring

Let’s put those freshly laid eggs to work this spring with 13 different ways to make deviled eggs
Deviled Egg Secrets

We talk to chefs about what ingredients they think are essential to deviled eggs

Deviled eggs are quick, easy, and endlessly versatile. 

We’ve mentioned before that all deviled egg recipes are different, and whether it’s your own creation or a family recipe passed down through generations, you’re going to think your version is the best. Even certain chefs in the industry have secrets to their deviled eggs that they hold close to their chest, and the creation of these nostalgic, time-honored hard-boiled eggs always seems to turn into a competition, whether professionally or in the home kitchen.

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Since deviled eggs are making such a comeback these days, it’s time to stop competing with our recipes and start celebrating them instead. Deviled eggs should just make us smile — they’re indulgent yet small enough not to feel guilty about eating one, they’re fairly easy to make, and they're inexpensive, too. Heck, there are even specific platters designed just to serve deviled eggs. Not to mention, the symbol of an egg represents many positive things: new beginnings, a feeling of springtime, to name just a few. These are all things to be happy about, so why not be happy about all of the different ways to make a deviled egg?

Because we love deviled eggs so much, no matter what the recipe, we’re celebrating them with 13 different ones. There are traditional versions, with a few additional ingredients you won’t notice at first glance, but you’ll definitely notice when you take a bite. And then there are the untraditional ones: a colorful ombre, pickled deviled egg for the artistic egg lovers, a potato deviled egg for the adventurous eaters, and even a deviled egg for those with a sweet tooth that celebrates the other food that has a devilish side to it. We hope you’ll enjoy yourself with all of these deviled egg recipes, and that they inspire you to continue to create new ways of making them. And if it’s the competitive drive that keeps you running in life, well, then we guess a little healthy competition never hurt anyone. 

Originally published March 21, 2013


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