The World's 9 Best Casinos for Food

Everybody is a winner when eating at the fantastic restaurants located in or next to these popular casinos
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Singapore is a great destination for those who love casinos and food.

In this world of high risk and high reward, fine dining is the perfect fit. Nothing motivates a gambler to continue winning quite like the mouthwatering promise of a leisurely meal prepared by a passionate chef. Here are the world’s nine best casinos for food.

The World's 9 Best Casinos for Food (Slideshow)

Las Vegas’ brand of luxury has, over the last 15 years or so, become infinitely more focused on cuisine. Every high-class hotel on the Strip boasts a handful of celeb-chef restaurants and lavish bars. However, fine casino dining extends way beyond Las Vegas, all the way to Singapore and Macau, the Caribbean, and, of course, Monaco, that iconic James Bond movie setting.

To find these casinos, we looked through our lists of the best hotel restaurants and saw which of those shared real estate with gaming areas. While we honed in on areas known for their casino culture, like Las Vegas and Macau, we also examined casinos in areas that aren’t really known for gambling, such as Mendoza, Argentina, or the kid-friendly Bahamas. After examining the menus and celebrity-chefs credentials of various casino–hotels, we decided that these nine were simply the best.

Anyone who has seen Casino Royale knows that with high-stakes gambling comes expertly crafted cocktails, white-glove service, and fine dining in gilded rooms. While we at The Daily Meal appreciate the sentiment of “go big or go home,” we endorse it only in terms of fine dining. We do not, in any way, promote excessive gambling. Please play responsibly.  

Additional reporting by Nicole Campoy-Leffler

#9 Condado Plaza Hotel and Casino, San Juan, Puerto Rico

For novices and high rollers alike, the elegantly designed, 11,500-square-foot casino at the Condado Plaza Hotel in San Juan is a great place to end a night after a long day in the sun. We say end, not begin, because you’ll want to begin your night at Pikayo, which is loved by critics and TripAdvisor and Yelp reviewers alike. According to The New York Times, Pikayo brings “an astonishing degree of refinement to humble ingredients.” Case in point: The menu includes items like jumbo shrimp with coconut milk polenta and guava sauce, or the not-too-humble but nevertheless delicious foie gras with ripe plantains and black truffle honey. There are a variety of less high-end options too — including familiarities like Starbucks and Denny’s — and the ones most worth visiting are Aqua Bar & Grill and Café Caribe, which overlook the ocean.

#8 Atlantis, Bahamas

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It’s hard to imagine that this kid-friendly hotel, the location of a Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movie, is also home to a world-class casino enlivened by Chihuly glass sculptures. Guests can even insert their room keys into slot machines or present them at tables for promotional giveaways. And of course, there is Bobby Flay’s famous Mesa Grill, as well as a Nobu location with a secret sake cellar, both of which made our list of the 101 Best Restaurants in Latin America and the Caribbean. With no shortage of celebrity restaurants and casual eateries, gamblers can eat and play very well at this casino-hotel.