Tips and Tricks to Land Cheap Air Travel

Think you know all the tricks for getting a cheap airfare? You might still be getting bamboozled if you don’t know these 12
Tips and Tricks to Land Cheap Air Travel


Don't overpay for air travel.

Booking a flight is a tricky procedure. Obviously, you could just pull up any website, punch in your desired destination and date, and pick whatever flight looks best, but that can get expensive in a hurry. We don’t all have Donald Trump money saved up from a lifetime of big business deals, illegal tip-skimming, and what we can only assume are discount haircuts; some of us are fans of finding a fair fare.

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You probably know some useful tips already (Tuesdays and Wednesdays are generally the cheapest days to book a flight), but there are also quite a few tricks for saving a buck or two (or 200) that most people are unaware of.

To help you save as much as possible when flying, we’ve compiled all the best tips in once place. Some are a bit unconventional — but hey, it sure beats paying more for a flight. After all, this is The Daily Meal, and we want you to have a few extra bucks for all the food and drink that await at your destination.

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