5 Epic Australian Milkshakes You Have to Try

You’ll be amazed when you see what Australia has to offer milkshake-wise

These decadent milkshakes are from XS Espresso in Sydney.

Australia is way ahead of us all when it comes to milkshakes. They were already in the know in terms of Nutella, but the country as a whole has gone even further in the milkshake department. Don’t let the dropping temperatures deter you because in Australia, it’s the height of summer. It’s the perfect time to down a unique and creamy milkshake. Check out these five confectionery concoctions and tell us you’re not dreaming about booking a flight.

XS Espresso (Sydney)


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Australia is all about Kinder, and the United States probably would be too if the delicious chocolate were available here. The Kinder Surprise shake at this café is covered with sprinkles, and in this photo, a chocolate cake treat sits on the right.

Pâtissez (Canberra)


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The shakes at this Canberra bakery and café are exploding with chocolatey goodness and luxurious toppings. Count us in.

Milk Café (Brisbane)


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Milkshakes at this café are simply a work of art – just look at that perfect rim of chocolate and sprinkles.

St. Louis House of Fine Ice Cream and Dessert (Adelaide)


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Honestly, after seeing this establishment’s salted caramel and waffle milkshake, we’re done. We can now ascend to dessert heaven – with at least 100 of these milkshakes in tow.

Muharam Café (Melbourne)


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Muharam Café is all about the Nutella-filled doughnuts topping on milkshakes, sprinkles, and huge straws. What a dream come true.