Missing Your Banned British Chocolate? Now You Can Order it Online

The British Chocolate Club sends expat chocoholics real Cadbury treats after their ban in America
Missing Your Banned British Chocolate? Now You Can Order it Online

For when your Cadbury eggs are lacking that real milk chocolate taste.

British expats and American chocolate connoisseurs alike can breathe a sigh of relief: You can now buy banned British chocolate online. After Hershey banned American stores from selling the British (and many say higher-quality) versions of Cadbury chocolate, including Cadbury eggs, Dairy Milk bars and Aero bars, there was widespread panic. But now, the British Chocolate Club is here to save the day. For $16.95 per month (or $14.95 for three months), you can join the club and get Cadbury favorites delivered to your door, even as they are disappearing from grocery store shelves. 

The British Chocolate Club was founded by Robert Jeffreys and his fiancée, Rebecca Gerken, who will ship you a stash of your favorite banned chocolates with no shipping costs. Right now, you can choose up to eight of 15 different Cadbury and other British chocolate varieties. But, according to DNA Info, the couple is working on an Easter basket that will include the beloved Cadbury chocolate eggs with the original British recipe (which includes real whole milk, for instance, instead of just powdered milk).

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So is it illegal? Technically not. The ban applies only to businesses selling the chocolates, and British Chocolate Club only ships to private households.