20 Things Only People From The West Coast Say

People come to the West Coast for the ocean, the mountains, the desert, and its forests. They come for the food, the culture, the celebrities, and the sights. But what many people don't realize is that when they come to Washington or Oregon or California, they'll be hearing some words and phrases they don't have back at home.

Everything from Seattle to San Diego is distinctly American, but some of the lingo is hella "West Coast." Whether you're texting your friend in the industry for a drive-on because you know you won't be able to find parking in Los Feliz, or going up the coast to NorCal on a trip to the Emerald Triangle, there are a ton of terms that, if you don't know them, might go over your head.

20 Things Only People From the West Coast Say

The Daily Meal has rounded up 20 choice words and phrases used by West Coast natives in daily conversation that you're sure to overhear in conversation the next time you're crawling down the 405 to SaMo, ordering In-N-Out, or discussing the ever-stunning weather (sorry Seattle). Remember: Best coast? West Coast! Click here for 20 things only people from the West Coast say.