20 Things Only People From the Midwest Say

How many of these 20 Midwestern words and phrases do you know?
20 Things Only People From the Midwest Say


No, you're not schnockered; this is really how Midwesterners talk.

As anyone with an accent will tell you, they actually don’t have an accent; you’re the one who is wrong, and everyone else talks weirdly. Well, the same rule applies to terminology and slang. People can get offended if you tell them they use odd words for everyday items or activities, and they can also get offended if they don’t use a term that’s stereotypically associated with their homeland, claiming “not everybody says it.”

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With that, let’s make fun of some words and phrases from the Midwest.

OK, not really. We at The Daily Meal (especially in the Travel Channel) adore the different language quirks around the country and world, so this is all in good fun. After all, we’re each beautiful and unique snowflakes, being normal is boring, and who cares what other people think anyway?

For the record, we should define “Midwestern” states as Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota. We should also point out that we agree terminology is not an exact science. Some folks in the Midwest don’t use all or even any of these terms. On the other hand, some of these phrases have managed to escape their Midwest home and spill into other states, too. Nevertheless, the language in this article is generally associated with the aforementioned states, so consider this list your introduction/refresher/infuriating batch of cruel, inaccurate blasphemy.

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